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Your international real-estate Stammtisch in Munich

The project Flat In Munich is a quarterly Stammtisch.

We discuss about real-estate in Munich.

We discuss in a casual way and we welcome new people, new projects, new ideas.


Do I have to be a real-estate investor to participate?

No! Maybe you are looking for your first home, maybe you have a parking space to rent out, maybe you are a student looking for a cheap place to live in: You are welcome if you are interested in this topic.

Is it free to participate?

Yes! We meet about 1 to 2 hours in a café. However, we would like the owner of the café to be happy with us and therefore we suggest politely that everyone orders something (either to eat or to drink). Everyone pays for what he orders. We do not earn anything ourselves in doing so.

When and where is the meeting?

Currently not at all because of the coronavirus! Otherwise, we meet on week-ends, not always at the same pub and not always at the same time. You may find informations about the next Stammtisch on this page.

Do I have to register?

No! We keep it easy and non-binding. We do not want to deal with personal data and you may also join spontaneously. You can also join omly for a few minutes if you want: Just feel free!

Which language are spoken?

Mainly German and English. We are open-minded and we want everybody to feel comfortable. We are glad to translate terms if we can. We want to gather experiences from all over the world. The world is a town (and Munich too).

Which topics are discussed?

Everything related to real-estate in Munich like:
- the horrible prices in Lehel
- the not much cheaper prices in the S-Bahn-area
- the currently low interest rates and how long they will remain low
- the current projects of new buildings
- the difficulty to find good craftmen
- the rental yield of commercial properties
- the lack of flats for students
- whether the Mietpreisbremse really makes things better
- whether it is currently a good move to sell
- Experiences with HOA
- the significance of the Schufa
- ... and thousands of other topics!

If you want to talk about a specific topic, just say it, don't be shy!

Who organises it and why?

I hava started a business on the side and I think, I can find interesting people if my (very) small company organises this.
I convey neither properties nor financial products, I just want to bring people together if they share a topic of interest.

Where do I find the table where you sit?

Either you ask someone of the service or you recognise the FIM-Logo.

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